NMD R2 Boost Primeknit

Adidas NMD_R2 Boost Primeknit Review

For me the Adidas NMD range has always been the more popular younger brother of the Ultra boost; utilising the boost technology with more creativity freedom. The first range of NMD_R1’s were very popular on the market and often sold out quickly, they were known for their bold colour combinations and stylish looks. In comes the second round, the NMD_R2 Boost Primeknit, the more mature and sophisticated shoe.

These have a tonne of nice details around the shoe, from the boost material indents on the side to the multi-colour primeknit stitching around the ankle. As you would expect they’re also very comfortable and lightweight, great pair of summer shoes and a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

I got these NMD_R2’s from Scotts costing £150

Shop NMD_R2’s below:

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