Knomo Albion Leather Backpack

Knomo Albion Leather Backpack Review

A good backpack is a must have staple in any mans wardrobe but usually it’s difficult to find one that meets the every day needs. For a long time I’ve not really invested much into bags and accessories but things are changing.

For me personally I usually use a backpack during the week and when I go away so it must cater for my needs; big enough for my work laptop, fit in my gym gear and look excellent. So which brand is best? Well there are plenty of designer brands out there and I decided to go for a mid range one – Knomo. I had bought one for my girlfriend a few years ago and she raved about the quality so I thought it would be a great starting point.

I went for the Knomo Albion Leather Backpack in black which is big enough to fit a 15 inch laptop snugly into the bag while leaving a main compartment for other belongings (such as my gym things). There’s some fantastic details and features of the backpack too; tech protection, double zip, full grain leather, cushioned mesh back, padded straps and a front compartment.

I took it out for a trip around Carnaby Street and I could barely tell I had it on, the backpack has great support, even with heavy belongings inside. The look is great, slick, stylish and a perfect match even from someone who wears more relaxed and sports influenced brands.

The bag costs £199 from Knomo here – which is quite reasonable given the quality and would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a new bag.

Knomo Albion Leather Backpack


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