Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Review

I must admit I feel like a bit of a fraud, I’ve only ever owned 1 pair of Nike Air Max when I was a kid and I wasn’t overly impressed by them. When I heard a lot of noise about the Nike Air Max Anniversary pair being released I wasn’t initially too bothered; fast forward a month and after copious Instagram coverage from influencers I have myself been “influenced” to buy a pair (it may have also had something to do with the Off White x Nike air max 90’s I bought a few weeks ago to).

This was taken from the Nike website:

Continuing the 30-year tradition of comfort you can see and feel, the Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Men’s Shoe celebrates the original in fitting fashion. The premium upper features a refined finish while retaining the original detailing and shape.

The look is ultra clean with white, grey and red on the upper supported by a black sole – they certainly stand out. The comfort is a lot different to the adidas boost alternatives and I’m actually very happy about that; they feel bigger, more stable and substantial. The look of these are a lot different than I’m use to and while they look fantastic in sporting looks I think I’m still getting use how to style them with skinny jeans. On the comfort front they’re great, well supported and snug on the feet, sizes are pretty much true to fit.

I may well have arrived to the party late but I can appreciate the quality and history of these sneakers, glad to have them in my wardrobe, would recommend you try to do the same!


Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Review
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    Look - 90%

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Nike bouncing back with these anniversary releases.

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