The Socks – The Player

Socks have always been that purchase for me that’s a necessity rather than enjoyment, which I think applies to most people. I tend to buy two types of socks; white sports ankle socks which I wear in the summer months with shorts and trainers or for the normal day to day use I tend to wear your standard black cotton socks.

Saying that, there are occasions where I get bought a nice pair of socks (either at Christmas or my Birthday by family members), perhaps from Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein and you do notice the difference.

I was introduced to a company called “The Socks” and was sent a pair from their range to review,  looking through their catalog online I decided to go for one named “The Player” – priced £15.78 for 3 pairs.

This is what the website says about The Player socks:

100% Mercerized Cotton – The lustrous shine of merecerized cotton and our special blue heel and toe makes this sock a bit more playful in style and outgoing in looks

When the socks arrived they were nicely wrapped in cardboard packaging with bubble wrap around the outside, inside were 3 pairs of socks, neatly folded. The socks are very comfortable to wear, quite thin material and very soft, they fitted perfectly and have some nice detail in the colour and stitching, would definitely consider buying from them in the future.

Exclusive offer my my readers, if you use the code SockGift14 it will give you £5.00 off all orders (ends 1st Jan 15)









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