Diesel Thavar Jeans

Diesel Thavar Jeans Review

I seem to be reviewing a lot of jeans recently but I guess it’s like waiting for a bus, you can never find any but when you do two come along at the same time. I took another trip to Carnaby Street in Soho London and visited the Diesel store on the hunt for a light blue pair of jeans.

The staff in the store are always very helpful in trying to find what you’re looking for, I tried on a few different pairs until I came across a pair that were called Diesel Thavar Jeans, below is an extract for their website which helps describe the jean:

FEATURES: Traditional design with iconic details: pure elementary. The corners of the back pocket are manually folded. Thus, the proportions on the back create a compact and risqué design. The leg shape slightly narrows at the bottom. REASON TO WEAR: One word (well, three): Easy to wear. A skinny Jean, it’s the look that suits the widest range of body types and everyday use.

The colour is light blue and they have quite a bit of fake wear on the front of the thigh, the material is lightweight but not as light as my Tepphar ones. There’s some very nice detail on the jeans around the stitching and the studs (in one of the photos you can see a closeup of the stud which is actually the Diesel logo). They also fit very well (as do all Diesel jeans for me) the leg gets tighter around the ankles which make them ideal for wearing hi-tops over the top. My only slight criticism of these is that they are zipped at the front and on more than one occasion I’ve felt them undo slightly, I’m use to my jeans having buttons at the front which gives you a bit of comfort that you won’t get caught out. Overall again a very nice pair of jeans, but at £160 I do expect that.









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  • Emma Jayne
    November 7, 2014 4:00 pm

    I like how you have teamed up the jeans with the Lanvin High-tops and the Givenchy t-shirt….cool! All matching and co-ordinate very well 🙂

    I like the look of your blog too – clean and graphical!


  • admin
    November 9, 2014 6:39 pm

    Thanks Emma – I think they look great with those too

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