HYT Skull Watch

HYT “The SKULL” Watch

I received a press release this morning about a brand I’d never heard of before – HYT. Specifically took an interest because of one of they’re new watches has been released, called “The SKULL” – there is a trailer on YouTube as seen below:

To start with I looked at the watch because I thought it just looked quite nice as a design but then as I read further about it I realised HYT have a very unique and unusual mechanism to tell the time – it uses a liquid (shown in the video as red) which acts as an hour marker.

Here’s some further information from their website:

“The use of a capillary, which carries a fluid to act as the hour marker, is a concept that is already mastered by HYT and its partners. However, any significant changes in form require extensive background work. For the Skull, the skull shape of the tube, which measures less than one millimetre in diameter, was a significant challenge in itself. The issue centred on the capillary’s four angles, two of which are almost 90° at the base. These curves meant that bending the glass was a particularly delicate task.

In line with the raw, primitive imagery of the skull, HYT also decided to do away with the minutes. This bold choice has two consequences. Firstly, it shifts the main focus to the capillary, the only sensory indicator of time as it passes, and secondly it centres all the attention on the piece’s architectural design, with its assertive, confident skull, which occupies almost the entire surface of the dial. Similarly, in stark contrast to its other pieces, HYT chose to almost completely hide the movement on the dial side.”

Here’s some images taken from their website:




Sounds very technical but visually I think the front and back of the watch look extremely striking – and I want one! The Skull watch also comes in a green liquid colour too but I think I prefer the red, apparently these watches are limited addition (only 50 made in Green and 25 in Red), not surprising as they come at a price of about £65k.

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  • Aaron Field
    January 21, 2015 10:03 am

    Incredible! Was getting very excited until I saw the price! Might have to save up for a while!

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