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Brand Spotlight: BOSS Orange Watches

Hugo BOSS is one of those reliable brands which I’ve bought from for a number of years and consider them a staple of a man’s wardrobe. Typically I’ve been a big fan of their black and white smart shirts (ones like this) which are slim fitted with some nice detail down the front and back. Moving away from clothes and looking at accessories It’s interesting to see that the brand is really pushing a great new line of BOSS Orange Watches.

An excerpt from their website says the following about the brand:

  • Personality – easy going, mobile, spontaneous, masculine
  • Inspiration – urban, sport, travel, street smart
  • Value – casual, urban chic, passion

There are some standout pieces from their collection which really caught my eye; in particular the ones I’ve highlighted below (I especially like the black one):


They all have a very distinct look about them with bold design features and their trademark orange detail on the logos and hour/minute hands. The black watch face is 50mm in size so it’s their largest in the range, I think it will go really nicely with an Off White T-shirt I have. Also the material of the black watch strap is actually silicon, I’ve never had one made by that before but from what I’ve heard it looks great and is very lightweight to wear.

Personally I go through stages of wearing watches, I think for certain outfits a nice watch can really finish things off but in other instances, depending on the style, it can actually distract from an overall look. Over the years I’ve owned a number of different watches and if my memory serves me correctly my first watch was a leather strapped Animal one (when the skater look really took off).

Anyway next month I will be reviewing one of the watches in more detail so if you’d like to know what I think of the BOSS Orange Watches in a review come back then!

Article written in partnership with BOSS Orange Watches 

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