Les (Art)ists Black T-shirts

A few more late minute purchases in preparation for my LA road trip which starts tomorrow (i’m VERY excited). I was in the hunt for some relatively well priced t-shirts which I don’t mind wearing while on the move on the open road. Les (Art)ists is a relatively new brand, started in just 2012 and features the names/nicknames of celebrities (only related to art, fashion or music) along with numbers of the year they were born.

I decided to go for Yeezy and Margiela (Yeezy is for Kanye West for those who are wondering) – I bought them from Farfetch from the boutique Smets for a good price of about £40 per T-shirt. The material used is 100% cotton and it generally feels like a good quality top however it is quite thick and not quite at the standrd you would expect from a brand like Fendi or Margiela.







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