Roy Roger’s Heritage Collection

With recovered material from the archives, Roy Roger’s presents an heritage collection vintage inspired, featuring a unique eye for details like the raw selvedge denim, contrasting stitchings and vegetal tanned labels: the Rugged Collection.

Roy Roger’s Rugged grounds its roots on the historic archives of the company and celebrates the collective imagination of the American world of the 40’s and 50’s. The Rugged collection is an alternative to the regular menswear line, yet staying close to the roots of the brand, offering quality denim and hand-made in Italy pieces.

Drawing inspiration by the vintage world, the Roy Roger’s Rugged collection is a journey throughout legitimacy. An trip across the american imagery, from hotrods and bikes inspirations, to raw denim and washed chambrays, where each piece of the collection recalls the authentic spirit of enduring freedom of USA roads. To bestow a modern twist with a vintage tradition, Roy Roger’s Rugged chose for this evocative photo set models Jimmy Q, a pro skateboarder and tattoo artist, and Ricki Hall, who has been nominated from Esquire Weekly “The man with the most influential haircut in Britain” this year.




A deeply evocative photo-shooting seen trough the lens of the camera of the photographer Luca Campri.

This is a press release which has been sent to Kingsdown Roots 

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