Topman Camo Hoodie & Shirt

Last week I decided to visit an old favourite of mine, Topman on Oxford Street. Plenty of spring summer pieces on sale but I decided to try and find a new hoodie and a few shirts. Amongst all the clothes I spotted this great looking khaki camo hoodie (which looked like it was hidden on the shop floor), it’s very good value at £32, it has a nice fit and some nice details around the cuffs. I also found two great looking short sleeved shirts too, the first one is a nice tartan red one and the other a maroon coloured checked one.

I tried something a bit different in terms of the styling; wearing a short over a hoodie! This is definitely a style that I’m seeing more and more of and for spring and autumn it’s a truly great look – anyway, photos are below, would love to hear what you think.







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