How to Dress like a Gentleman

To be honest I don’t dress like a sartorial gentleman very often but this year I’ve found myself needing to buy more suits than ever before. Reason why? Well, I’ve reached the age where most of my friends are now getting married plus I’ve been off to the occasional awards show.

I recently collaborated with Burton Menswear answering questions on what makes the perfect gentleman. When writing the piece it made me think much more about how your appearance really can make the difference, certainly in first impressions when meeting people. Of course you’re really not a gentleman just based on how you look but it certainly helps!

Here’s my guide on how to dress like the perfect gentleman looking at some of the best pieces from Burton Menswear.

1. The Suit Gent – the obvious choice for a gentlemanly look is a suit; the style and fit can make or brake a look but overall it’s the most dapper approach to take. I’m very much into navy blue suits and dark brown shoes at the moment, it’s a winning combination in my book. Remember to accessorize too, make sure you stretch for a pocket handkerchief and a matching brown belt.

Burton Menswear Suit Outfit

2. The Smart-Casual Gent – you don’t have to go full whack and buy a suit to look like a gentleman. A smart casual look constructed using a nice jumper, shirt underneath (tie optional) and a pair of smart jeans will look great. The trick here is to make sure the jumper is fitted, it will make the outfit look sharper than if you went for something loose on your body.


3. The Summer Gent – Just because you go on holiday doesn’t mean you have to automatically dress down. A simple combination of chino shorts, a smart looking polo shirt, smart loafers and nice pair of sunglasses will give you a little edge. If you don’t like polo shirts then a short sleeved plain shirt will also look great.


I certainly still love dressing the way I do but dressing like a gentleman is definitely something I’ll do more of, especially in the summer when I go on holiday to New York!

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