I Sunk Your Battleship: Brand Spotlight

Another week and another British brand to take notice of and they are called “I Sunk Your Battleship”.

I love the name, it immediately takes me back to my childhood when I would spend hours playing board games with my family – it basically reminds me of home. From what they say about themselves I’m sure they had this in mind when coming up with the name, on the website they say:

We’re heading back to the roots of our island nation, using forgotten naval visual languages of semaphore and flag signals to express our disdain and disinterest in the here and now.

Here’s a video showing a bit more information about the brand:

I generally like the look and feel of the website, it’s evident from their imagery that they’ve tried to encapsulate that British nostalgia with scenes from a park for their Lookbook. The “wears” or shop part of the website is clean and simple to use with their products ranging from £3 for a pack of stickers up to £70 for one of their hoodies, overall the prices seem quite modest.

I’ve been through their catalog and picked out three pieces that caught my attention. There’s obviously a very direct relation to battleships on the clothing throughout the website and they appear, as does a flagman on just about everything.

I Sunk Your Battleship 2

I Sunk Your Battleship 1

I Sunk Your Battleship 3

  1. Dazzle Hoody – Battleship Gret – here
  2. Shield T-Shirt – Red Cross – here
  3. Flagman Baseball T-shirt – here

There’s not a large range of products just yet but there’s enough certainly to test the “waters” (sorry couldn’t resist). Everything looks positive from this promising young British brand and certainly one to look out for in the future.

Visits I Sunk Your Battle Ship here: http://isunkyourbattleship.com/

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