Interview: Robert Nixon – Overdressed & Underprepared

As part of my discovery into the world of fashion I’ve decided to start interviewing other men’s fashion bloggers to get their unique perspectives in the industry. To kick things off Robert Nixon from Overdressed and Underprepared very kindly agreed to be spend some time answering my questions

1. Hi Robert – please tell me what my readers could expect on your blog Overdressed and Underprepared ?

I think the main thing to expect would be me not taking the fashion world, or myself, too seriously. I don’t really know how I got here, and I’ve made some awful fashion choices that I thought were great at the time. Due to that, I don’t want to come across as if I think my style or what I say is perfect or hugely insightful. It’s simply an honest opinion from some guy.

2. How did you come up with the name?

I can thank one of my old college tutors for that. Once, I turned up basically in a suit (which wasn’t uncommon), without my books and she laughed, saying: “Robert Nixon. Always overdressed and under-prepared”. I’d never heard a phrase that described me perfectly until then and it stuck with me. I’m more prepared now though.

3. What made you decide to start blogging about fashion in the first place?

Originally, I started a Tumblr to reblog pictures of men’s style. I built a reasonable following, but I lost interest eventually. Move forward a couple of years and my girlfriend started up a blog, then she suggested that I should do mine properly as I had so much to say, so I did, and here we are.

4. How do you promote your blog content to generate more readers?

I’d say that Twitter is my main way to generate readers, especially when working with brands who promote the posts as well. The only issue is that it’s hard to target men at the moment. There are a million and one women that are interested in, or run, blogs. We men are a little more elusive. Generally it works through women reading my blog and passing it on to their partners.

5. What do you like most about blogging in fashion?

When I have people ask for my thoughts on style is the best bit for me. It’s fantastic working with brands and so on, but that’s nothing compared to the feeling when someone really values your opinion on what you do/love. It makes me feel like I’m doing all of this right, especially when it’s a friend.

6. What do you prefer to write about on your blog, whats most enjoyable?

Writing about experiences is most enjoyable for me; words seem to fall effortlessly from thoughts to fingertips in those posts. I think men appreciate the practical element it adds to the outfit. They can read it, see what I did and what I wore whilst doing it and know that the outfit was good for that day/activity. I think that’s what can lack in some blogs. I’ll see an outfit and love it, but I have no idea when to wear it without some context.

7. Do you read many other mens fashion blogs? If so, which ones?

I read a few and I always love finding more. The ones I always go back to are Buckets & Spades, Luke Svarc, and Grey Fox Blog. I find that I prefer blogs I relate to and that have a love for visuals like I do – Buckets & Spades and Luke Svarc for example. Obviously, I’m 21, so Grey Fox Blog doesn’t relate so much, but I love the style and that David is showing men that they don’t have to lose their style as they get older.

8. Why do you think there are so few well known mens fashion blogs in comparison to womens?

I think it’s a mix of a number of things, but there’s a simple fact of how many female bloggers there are in comparison to male bloggers. Also, I think you have to prove yourself to be a reliable source of information to be taken seriously by men. We won’t go around and read any blog we find; we want an expert in their field.

9. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing blog posts?

Photography seems to help at the moment. It’s not an exact science, but better photos equal a better post for me. I think when a post is visually appealing, the words seem to come together. I can’t focus if I’m not happy with the entire thing.

10. What’s on the cards over the next 12 months for Overdresses and Underprepared ?

YouTube is definitely on the cards and I want to start that soon. I plan to stay blog-heavy for a bit and post a video every two weeks or so at first, just to test the water. Other than that, I want to develop more on-going relationships with brands so my readers can get a real insight into the fashion industry, rather than a one-time glimpse.

11. Your top 3 favourite brands?

  • HYMN – I couldn’t find anything from them that I wouldn’t wear. That’s impressive.
  • Ask The Missus – The Office exclusive shoe brand that is always on the money.
  • Selected HOMME – The perfect embodiment of ‘Smart/Casual’.

12. If you could buy 1 item of clothing right now and money wasn’t an issue what would it be?

There’s a Vivienne Westwood jacket with waistcoat and chain button fastening that I have had my eye on for about a year and a half or two years now. I can’t get over how much I love it, but I don’t have £775 to spare right now, so that. Definitely that.

Many thanks again to Robert Nixon from Overdressed and Underprepared



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