Diesel Belther Black Jeans

I took a trip into Soho London over the recent Easter holiday and treated myself to a new pair of Diesel jeans (no surprise on the brand for jeans!). It’s quite funny to see a men’s and women’s store owned by the same brand separated but right next to each other.

I decided to go for a new pair of black jeans but I asked the assistant if there was a tapered style that’s more elasticated than usual, the previous grey Tepphar pair I bought were very good so I wanted something similar. The ones I was shown were called Belther and were “regular slim tapered”, the material is a bit thicker than before but overall they are a nice fit with some great detail in the buttons and in the stitching on the front and back.










Quite hard to find them online, I think they were old season but Shopstyle have a lot here

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