Interview: Last Style of Defense

1. Hi Dan – please tell us what my readers could expect on your blog “Last Style of Defense”?

New and continuing readers of LSoD can expect the latest menswear products, news and style from London and LA. There are some stark differences between the two cities however they have similarities in terms of their appreciation for the more creative side of the industry. Not all of the brands are based from these two cities but I am focusing a lot more onto Scandinavian brands more recently due to their importance in the menswear arena. They can also expect a great support for young, new and progressive designers from both these cities, an important part of the future and development of the industry.

2. How did you come up with the name?

I didn’t! A former business partner did who suggested a play on the Last Line of Defense; meaning the last and final winning action in a battle. It signifies that the blog is the last word and go to place for menswear online.

3. What made you decide to start blogging about fashion in the first place?

As both a staff and freelance writer for a number of websites and publications at the time, it was a great outlet for menswear musings and the latest news. To be honest, it was also a competition between myself and a friend in Texas to see who could build the most readers in 3 months. He no longer writes…

4. How do you promote your blog content to generate more readers?

I was initially quite skeptical of Twitter but it is my biggest driver; just by tweeting about the latest posts in-between conversations with friends and industry guys. I also use Facebook but again, that is more of an update center rather than a big conversation driver. I use Instagram personally however the odd post-promo has crept in. I do not accept guest posts as I believe that readers want to read my writing but I do occasionally link share with other bloggers.

5. What do you like most about blogging in fashion?

The way in which bloggers and the mainstream press get on, integrate and have a grand old time. It is far more inclusive, and almost exclusive as there is no way near as many serious menswear bloggers than in women’s wear. Also knowing about the latest products and musings within fashion is a great privilege.

6. What do you prefer to write about on your blog, whats most enjoyable?

Everything I write is enjoyable! I get around 200 press releases, emails and alerts everyday but I only feature those I think will appeal to my readers but also reflects my tastes and personality. I have never not enjoyed writing a post.

7. Do you read many other men’s fashion blogs? If so, which ones?

I do; not many though – I like Buckets and Spades; Bainser; School Boy Couture; What He’s Wearing; The Chic Geek and The Science of Appearance.

8. Why do you think there are so few well known men’s fashion blogs in comparison to women’s?

I think it is because women’s wear is more prevalent, more latched on by the media so the girls get more attention. There seems to be quite an over saturation of women’s wear bloggers yet those who are more well known are those who have dedicated their careers to their websites and promoting them – outfit posts, personal beauty and generally showing their faces. I may stand corrected but you don’t find that many of us menswear bloggers promoting ourselves in such a way yet the passion and consistency of writing about menswear is a great asset that has set us at the top of our game.

9. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing blog posts?

I think this goes back to your previous question; I only write about things both my readers and I are passionate about so it doesn’t take much inspiration to craft a post.Often, however, a glass of wine or three provides much inspiration and motivation.

10. What’s on the cards over the next 12 months for Last Style of Defense?

Oh, Lord knows however I but readers should expect to see more collaboration with greats brands, labels and a developed focus onto the ever expanding world of menswear.

11. Your top 3 favorite brands?

My top three are Acne, YMC and Topman.

12. If you could buy 1 item of clothing right now and money wasn’t an issue what would it be (please include a link)?

It’s such a hard choice as I have so many other favrouites brands, but this bomber jacket from Saint Laurent Paris at Mr Porter is high on my wishlist.

Big thanks to Dan Hasby-Oliver from Last Style of Defense for taking part in the interview.


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