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Interview: Toni Tran from Fashitects

This month I was very lucky and managed to get some time with the very well know Toni Tran from men’s style and fashion blog Fashitects.

1. Hi Toni – please tell us what my readers could expect on your blog Fashitects?

On Fashitects, you an expect a variety of categories from fashion to lifestyle and travel. There is personal style with diversity to menswear styling, creative direction and captivating photography.

2. How did you come up with the name?

I was studying Architecture in University at the time, hence the Architect name came into place when I started my Fashion blog.

3. What made you decide to start blogging about fashion in the first place?

It was a platform and a personal space for myself to express style. I was fairly new at the subject of fashion at the beginning, and used the blog as a journey to discover style.

4. How do you promote your blog content to generate more readers?

I generally let the public take it’s toll, through an organic process of social media. Of course there are platforms to share your content.

5. What do you like most about blogging in fashion?

Your own expressive space and creativity.

6. What do you prefer to write about on your blog, whats most enjoyable?

I like creating lifestyle content, especially as it is more creative direction and planning these Articles is what I love most.

7. Do you read many other men’s fashion blogs? If so, which ones?

8. Why do you think there are so few well known men’s fashion blogs in comparison to women’s?

Because it takes a bit of confidence to present yourself to the world. Men are gradually experimenting with style, as it is a real niche at the moment.

9. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing blog posts?

Architecture always comes to mind first, if am stuck for inspiration I will try Pinterest.

10. What’s on the cards over the next 12 months for Fashitects?

More travelling, bigger projects, and expanding my range of creative direction.

11. Your top 3 favourite brands?

Etro, Berluti, E. Tauz

12. If you could buy 1 item of clothing right now and money wasn’t an issue what would it be (please include a link to the item)?

This Balmain virgin wool blend long coat.

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