Renard Mens Watch

Renard – Men’s Watch

As I’ve always said I’m not a big watch person, however with the right outfit a watch is the accessory that can really make you stand out. The other week I came across a company called Renard and was lucky enough to be sent one of their very nice “Elite Eggshell Silver Black Croco” watches. For those of you who are not familiar with Renard, the following exert is taken from their website:

In an era where smart technology dominates time management, RENARD offers elegant, analogue timepieces for your consideration. Watches are by far the most ubiquitous accessories, as they continue to adapt and move with us. They have come to signify our tribe, attitude and our social status. RENARD – or fox in French – is a graceful, wild and alluring creature, which the Celts believed to be a guide and is seen as a sign for longevity in Japan. Therefore, this animal perfectly embodies the spirit of our collection of watches.

The watch is presented in a nice dark blue box (see photos below) and looks very elegant with the contrasting eggshell dial colour. The strap is 100% leather with a crocodile finish and is very lightweight to wear. This is much more understated than the big stainless steel watches you see from names like Omega or Tag and it serves a different purpose. This isn’t a watch you would show off in, it’s a nice addition to a smart outfit that complements the rest of what you wear without screaming “look at me!”. Overall a very nice watch and not too expensive either at 169 EURO.

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renard mens watch

Renard Men's Watch Review
  • 78%
    Comfort - 78%
  • 80%
    Price - 80%
  • 82%
    Look - 82%


Very nice understated watch

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