spot fake yeezy boost 350 beluga

How to Spot Fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga

After getting such positive feedback from my original guide on how to spot fake Yeezy’s I definitely feel that it’s time to look at the V2’s. While I’ve seen plenty of guides online around the similar subject it’s important to remember that fakes or replica’s generally become much harder to spot months after the official release.

How to spot fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga?

Well firstly think about where you’re buying them from, I’ve seen and read so many horror stories from Instagram I always stay clear of anyone pushing on that platform.If you’re unable to cop on the release date the best alternative way is to buy on eBay, based on my personal experience. Unfortunately there are just as many fakes on there but hopefully this guide will help you from spotting the fake from real – plus always pay via PayPal and you will be given a refund via the payment protection they offer

The Box

The box is the easiest way to tell if the yeezy’s you are trying to buy are fakes. First of all the boxes sold with fakes are always cheaper and thinner cardboard so they bend and rip far easier. If your box looks old and damaged this is a obvious sign.

fake yeezy boost 350 v2 beluga

On fakes they typically have the sizing labels on the wrong side, notice in the photo below the sticker is on the side you pull out whereas on the real its the closed end.

The Ape Sticker

This is a more recent detail which was actually brought to my attention by someone who bought a pair of Beluga’s from me. Under the paper on the base of the box there should be a small white sticker with “APE” and a number with it. I’m unsure what the numbers mean exactly but they are different on the colourway of the 350 you buy – the ones on mine say “APE 18 Final“.

The Stripe Colour

The fake’s I’ve personally seen and the ones on the photos have had a slightly different colour to them. The real pair has a dark almost red tint to the orange stripe whereas the fakes have a very bright appearance and a light orange look.

Strip Shape

The shape of the swish or stripe on the Yeezy 350’s V2 Beluga can vary on the fakes but on the real pair the stripe will not be solid up until the middle stitching. A fake pair of yeezys will typically be more solid to the stitching. A side note is that the width of the stripe is thicker on a real pair whereas on fakes it gets slightly thinner towards the end.


Just like the original Yeezy Boosts V1 the laces should not have white ends, it should be dark and covered in plastic.

Sole and Back Size

On fakes the rubber sole is higher than on originals as you can see on the photo below. Also the distance between the rubber and the orange stripe is much smaller on fakes than on originals.


There’s some quite telling signs of a fake yeezy boost on the heels. Firstly you will notice on the right side the orange is much more dotty than on the fakes which look thicker. On the bottom of the fake strip on the left you can see an indentation too, this should not be there. Finally the top of the heel is much thinner on a real pair than on fakes.


The soles on the fakes are usually quite good and hard to spot however against a real pair you can see the difference. A fake pair will be quite light, almost transparent in comparison to a real pair which appears more solid.


The boost is another sure way to spot a fake. Firstly real boost is spongy, very spongy and on the fakes I’ve seen are much harder – then the pattern is also different. On a real pair the pattern of small lines doesn’t have a circular background whereas a fake pair usually will, which you can see below.¬†

Inner Heel

This is quite a subtle difference but the material on a real pair on the inner heel will have a rough texture whereas the fake pair is smooth in appearance.

Finally, looking at the heel again you can see the stitching on a real pair whereas the fakes is hidden. There is also a very subtle hint of purple around the rim of the ankle.

I hope this guide has shown you how to spot a fake pair of yeezy boost 350 V2 Beluga – thanks for reading.