Shinola Detroit

Shinola Detroit: Brand Spotlight

Recently I came across another new brand I’ve not heard of before, called Shinola Detroit. They’re an interesting and unusual company  based in Detroit (funnily enough), USA and offer everything from handmade bicycles, watches, leather wallets to pet accessories – I searched on YouTube and found the video below which helps explain a little more about who they are:

What I specifically like about this brand is the “feel” I get from the website and video; they’re trying to re-introduce the traditional approach of hand making something that’s unique and that they can be proud of – the very fact they call their employees “craftspeople” really shows that.

Having a look around their website the three product categories that caught my eye:

The Watches


The Wallets:


The Bags: 



I particularly like the Runwell Sport watch, featuring a nice stainless steel case and crystal face – love the red detail around the edge and the contrast to the strap.

Everything is imported from the USA and most of their other products can be with you by the end of the next day at a small charge of £22, alternatively if you’re happy to wait 3-4 business days it will only cost you £12 plus if you order over £80 (which is likely) the delivery is actually free. Delivery on bikes is much more as you’d expect, £150 for 7 days.

I guess if you’re looking for a brand that’s quite a bit different from anything in the UK, something that feels very “American” in terms of style and manufacturing then this is a brand to keep an eye on – you can visit their website here:

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