TM Lewin Blue Camo Shirt

I’m a big fan of camo shirts, in fact I reviewed a couple earlier in the year (+People  one and my Givenchy camo one) so it was a nice surprise to be offered a fitted blue camo shirt from a brand called TM Lewin. For those of you that don’t know, T.M.Lewin has just under 100 stores in the UK, as well as several stores  around the world. They specialise in smart business wear and suits.

I ordered a size 15.5 which is my usual collar size but I was a little confused about the sleeve length feature on the website. Having no idea what sleeve length I was I ordered a 34.5. The shirt arrived nicely wrapped and folded, however when I unwrapped it I could tell the shirt was too large to wear un tucked. When I was younger I would always wear shirts tucked in, however over the last few years I’ve tended to buy more fitted shirts that look really nice worn over the trousers. In all fairness, the type of shirts T.M Lewin sell on their website are meant to be worn with a jacket or tucked in so I did try it tucked in and it looked fine (see one of the images below). On the website and the label it did state that the shirt was fitted but I found it to be too baggy around the arms and shoulders, (and I’m not the smallest in that area) but this could have been because I ordered the wrong arm length.

The colours in the design work well together and it does feel like a smart shirt. It’s also 100% cotton which means it’s lightweight to wear. The biggest issue I have is with the design – the camouflage print is too small and too uniform, creating more of a pattern than actual camo, if that makes sense. Overall it’s a nice shirt that will look nice under a jacket and  worn with trousers. If I had found out my sleeve length perhaps it would have fitted better too.









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