Interview: Liam Pitts

This is the third installment of my men’s fashion blog interviews, so far the insights have been very useful for myself and I hope my readers. Liam Pitts:

1. Hi Liam – please tell us what my readers could expect on your blog ?

Readers can expect a look at the fashion world that people don’t usually see, ie on catwalks, fashion weeks, big shows. I like to look at/work with smaller brands to show that it’s not always about Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana or Burberry.

2. How did you come up with the name?

Well, it’s just my name. I didn’t think about getting my own domain because I only started as a sort of portfolio, bit of a hobby. I’ve thought about getting my own domain recently, but it would be a whole new site, having to gain followers and readers again would be a bit of pain.

3. What made you decide to start blogging about fashion in the first place?

Like I said before, it started as a bit of fun really! I started off by uploading blog posts (like the usual diary type) with the occasional photo/video. I then just somehow (I actually have no idea when) transitioned into fashion and starting finding my way of writing.

4. How do you promote your blog content to generate more readers?

Social media is obviously the key. But it’s not just being on social media, you have to interact. I partake in the Twitter chats that bloggers host, I communicate with people that share the same passion/view as me to gain a bigger readership.

5. What do you like most about blogging in fashion?

I like the way that I can have my own voice. There is no one else telling me what I have to write or how to write it. I am my own editor, writer and director all at the same time. So, I guess, the freedom is something that I like.

6. What do you prefer to write about on your blog, whats most enjoyable?

I love to write about fashion. Different brands that contact me with details about their latest collection is something I enjoy doing. When it’s something that really relates to me and my views then it really excites me. I also love a good lifestyle post. Some of my most popular posts have been things about my life in general. I think people just like to read about the person behind the words, realising your not just a superficial computer voice. I know I do.

7. Do you read many other men’s fashion blogs? If so, which ones?

I read the usual and which aren’t blogs as such but their websites are laid out like one. I also love! This guy is just going from strength to strength, working his way through the fashion world. He gives me something to aspire to be like and hopefully reach.

8. Why do you think there are so few well known mens fashion blogs in comparison to womens?

I think it’s because blogging is still heavily dominated by women and the copious amounts of fashion/beauty/lifestyle/food/every-single-activity-in-world blogs. There are a few male bloggers that are in the spotlight (IAMGALLA) but its extremely difficult to even begin to work your way up. There is no specific formula to doing it though, it’s just something that could or could not happen!

9. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing blog posts?

It depends what I’m writing about really. I gain inspiration from everywhere. I could see something whilst I’m out-and-about and it will inspire me to write. Or I could just have an urge to write a post about my life, if something exciting is happening and it’s worth telling everyone about it. It totally depends on the situation.

10. What’s on the cards over the next 12 months for your blog?

I’m currently in the process of completely mixing up my blog. I am hoping to start style blogging, with pictures and more about myself. I’m trying to find the right people to work with to make it exciting. So yeah, hopefully that will happen.

11. Your top 3 favourite brands?

  • I LOVE HYMN. I have written a little bit about them on my blog before and they are just a brand that really speaks to my style. They excite me when something new happens.
  • I have always loved Jonathan Saunders too. Everytime I go into Liberty, I just stare and wish. He creates pieces that are so me. And I love that.
  • Let’s go for a high-street now – Zara! I love this store. They seem to create PERFECT things to wear and I just can’t seem to resist when I go. They are responsible for the times I’ve had to ration my eating as I’ve bought so much. Ooops!

12. If you could buy 1 item of clothing right now and money wasn’t an issue what would it be?

Anything Balmain. Just to say I have something Balmain. That would be sick!

Many thanks again to Liam Pitts ( for taking part in today’s interview.


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