nike air force 1 review

Nike Air Force 1 Wheat Flax Review

Over the last year Adidas has definitely lead the trainer wars, just look at some of my recent review; Tubulars, Primeknits, Ultra Boosts and of course, not forgetting the various versions of Yeezy’s. Nike trainers seem more focused on the Jordan ranges, basketball style looks, which, I personally don’t like.

At the end of last week Nike released the anticipated Air Force 1 Wheat Flax trainer (hi-top version). These look fantastic, very similar in appearance to the popular white versions but the light brown/yellow colour gives the look of a timberland boot and not of a normal trainer. The finish is very good, nice material and the whole look is high quality, when actually wearing the shoes they are very comfortable too – note the sizing, I bought a 9 which is what I usually go for is a 43 1/3 in euro size.

They are extremely reasonable to buy at £90 which adds even more bonus points to a very good trainer – buy them immediately!

Air force 1 wheat flax 2

Air force 1 wheat flax1

Air force 1 wheat flax 4

Air force 1 wheat flax 5

Air force 1 wheat flax 6

Air force 1 wheat flax

Air Force 1 Wheat Flax Review
  • 93%
    Comfort - 93%
  • 96%
    Price - 96%
  • 90%
    Look - 90%


A modest trainer that has been revitalised by using an unusual colour and material

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