Buying from stockX in the UK

Buying from StockX in the UK

For a long time now I’ve bought and sold sneakers through eBay; easy to use, as long as you avoid the fakes and depending when you buy you can still get a good deal. As of late there has been an increasing popularity to use sites like StockX, GOAT and Fight Club, all offering sneakerheads and hypebeasts the opportunity to buy the latest and most sought after clothing and sneakers.

The attraction to buyers of a site like StockX is the verification process, whereby a team of “experts” legit check the products before they are sent to the customer. A piece of mind when you part with hard earned cash for the latest or rarest drops.

I decided to go for the adidas Copa Mundial Kitch Cobras which I’ve had my eyes on for a while but are impossible to buy in the UK anywhere. To buy on StockX you have two options, either bid for the shoes you want and hope you get a good deal or alternatively pay the listing price, which is usually a bit more expensive. I decided to pay the listing price which came to $185.

Shipping and Tax

I should mention that while some of the US prices may seem attractive to UK customers there are extra charges to be aware of. Firstly shipping from the US costs an additional $40 as standard. On these I also had a UPS notification during entry into the UK which was an additional $41 in import tax (standard for purchases like this in the US) – this tax is based on the value of the item so be aware, this can be an unexpected cost.


If you’re hoping for a quick turnaround then perhaps StockX isn’t for you, it took 11 days for my shoes to arrive, which from the US isn’t too bad, especially as when you make an order the product sits with the seller, not the company. They were shipped through UPS which give regular updates which is good however historically I have had problems with their reliability.


I was out at the time of the delivery but luckily UPS delivered to a collection point just around the corner from where I lived. The box was well sealed and not damaged at all, which can sometimes happen with imports.

What was inside?

There was a small StockX sticker inside the delivery box and then the normal adidas kith box which was protected by being double boxed. Inside the official box my sneakers were packaged and in perfect condition (hurrah!).

Verified Authentic Tag

As mentioned before, the sneakers are legit checked before being shipped – once approved as genuine, the team at StockX attach a “verified authentic” green plastic tag, which you can see below. Beware though that even this tag can be faked, so if you see this on eBay it does not guarantee authenticity.

Overall I was pleased with the process of purchasing sneakers from StockX, it’s a little bit more expensive than it appears but the range of deadstock is impressive. If they could improve the delivery time and include tax in the process for international orders that would be better for me.

If you’re interested you can shop StockX here

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  • Ashraf Derraz
    September 23, 2018 12:46 am

    I have a question, what about if you sell to them from the UK, would you still have to pay some added charges from the UPS side?

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