spot fake yeezy boost 350 zebra

How to spot Fake Yeezy Boost 350 Zebras

This is my fourth guide on how to spot fake or replica Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra’s, if you’d like to read any my other guides then you can look through my “spotting fakes” category. There are so many different guides appearing online these days, helping educate people about buying fake Yeezy’s but I still see so many being sold on eBay by unaware buyers. My guides are my own personal observations on the shoes and I compare against real pairs that I know that have come from genuine locations – use this for your legit check:

  1. The Box – as usual the fake boxes seem to be made of thinner inferior material and as such they are usually damaged in some way. This is pretty much the first thing I look for, creases and dents are a giveaway.

For some reason a lot of fake or replica Yeezy Boost 350’s don’t have their boxes constructed in the right way, the sticker with the sizing should not be on the side you pull out.

2. The Sizing Sticker – I’ve seen very good fake stickers that have a near perfect amount of detail but usually these look different in some way. Genuine stickers have a well proportioned silhouette of a man whereas fakes will have either short/fat ones or just generally squashed. The “Yeezy Boost 350 V2” font should look well spaced and sharp, fakes often look a little blurred or too close together.

3. The ape sticker – genuine boxes will have a small round “ape” sticker on the base of the box, I’ve not seen these on any fakes; on the Zebras the number is 35 (this varies between colourways.

4. Box contents – there should only be 1 pair of shoes, 2 sheets of paper and an APE sticker inside – if you find a plastic bag, keying or pair of socks it’s likely you’ve been duped.

5. The Stripe – another clear indication of a fake pair of Yeezy’s is the size and shape of the stripe that runs down the side and front of the shoe. On the Zebra’s it’s a little difficult to notice, more so than on something like the Oreo’s. These particular fakes had a much shorter stripe than the real pair and the stripe size was much wider.

6. The “Sply-350” writing – genuine lettering should be well spaced and about 2 or 3 stitches wide across, these fakes clearly have thinner letters and are at a slight angle.

7. The inside heel – surprisingly this is one of the most obvious way to spot a fake on a pair of yeezy boost 350 V2 Zebra’s. The 3 stripes that run down the back should be pure white with the material around being just off – on a fake fair this isn’t so noticeable. The stitching on a real pair is clearly visible but hidden under the material on the fakes, it should clearly be seen around the outside.

8. The pull tab – often been a tale tail way of spotting a fake pair of yeezy’s – the Zebras are no exception, the space to put your finger in should be well structured, the fakes appear to be looser.

The back stitching should have 8 black stitches inside the white box (which is smaller white stitching), no more no less – these have 11!

9. The Front – oddly the fake pair of Zebra’s seemed to rise up at the front, whereas the genuine pair appeared flat. The plastic from the sole on the fake pair also looks more cream than white.

10. The knit stitching – probably the most noticeable difference in the V2’s is the white and black knit pattern close up, the fakes have much thicker almost triangle shapes whereas a real pair has a line.

Finally I get a lot of emails and messages with people asking me to legit check Yeezy’s and so many of these are cheap! Please don’t assume you can buy any real Yeezy’s for under £300 or $350, if they cost £80 then they are going to be fake all day long – as were these pair of fake Zebras. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my guide on how to spot fake Yeezy boost 350 Zebra’s.


  • Lauren Barkley
    February 18, 2018 2:23 pm

    Hi, I want to buy some Zebra yeezys and I found some but I’m not sure if they are real, the person says they will send a receipt but from what I have just read on your blog they don’t seem legit, maybe you could take a look at them if I send you a picture.
    Thank you

  • kkorky
    April 10, 2018 7:18 pm

    Not a bad guide at all, just two comments: 1) its seven not eight stitches within the ‘box’ this also applies to older versions & in fact in your photo it can be clearly seen.

    Secondly, the size stickers on the box differ depending on where they are sold globally. Most fakes utilise the US size stickers which have 3 sizes(European stickers have 8 sizes listed), but one should not use this yardstick as rule etched in stone, fonts etc (as you rightly mentioned) also come into play here.

    Tons of European sellers selling fakes are easily caught out with their size stickers (i wont expand, because it will give them information that they shouldn’t have).

    All in all a good job, which may help naieve buyers out there.

    • admin
      April 12, 2018 9:44 am

      I’ll ignore the 3 messages of abuse you’ve given me under a different name and respond to your comment, I can assure you it’s 8 stitches on the heel tab not 7, this is actually clearly visible in my photos. You’re right the size stickers are different in the US and EU but as this is UK blog and I’ve used EU stickers it’s intended to help people that get sold EU versions.

  • bfrvom
    April 23, 2018 9:26 am

    my friends yeezys are fake cheers

  • Anonomys
    January 16, 2019 3:17 am

    Thanks so much I was scared that StockX sent me fakes but now I know they are real

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