Reebok x Kendrick Lamar Club C Review

Happy New Year everyone, can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post, shame on me. Work has been super hectic (sales periods always are in retail, obviously) and I’ve wanted to post a lot but simply haven’t had the time. I’ve got plenty of new shoes to review over the coming weeks so will make up for the gap in content.

This review is for Reebok x Kenrick Lamar Club C, now for me Reebok just hasn’t been at the same level as Adidas or Nike for a long time and it’s not often their releases catch my eye. On the 12th of January I waited for the final collaboration between Kendrick Lemar and Reebok, the “Club C”. The quote below is from the Reebok website to describe the inspiration for the sneaker:

Kendrick Lamar first pulled on a pair of Reeboks in primary school. He comes back to these shoes today for the community they remind him of. This Club C edition sports a simple clean look while mixing in colours that evoke equality, passion, power and strength.

The sneaker shape is less sports inspired and more relaxed and leisurewear, similar to a pair of Vans. Besides it very distinctive colouring, which mixes white, black and red well throughout, the material is unusual to touch, almost like a denim. The black stitching on the upper has a mixture of straight and curved lines, which make me think of a school sports field.

The sizing is true to fit and I have to say these are VERY comfortable to wear, they are well padded inside and keep the foot snug. Overall this sneaker looks fantastic and a welcome change away from the usual adidas and nike looks, which I’m regrettably getting a little tired of. A very well priced shoe too at under £80 direct from Reebok – this will get a lot of wear from me and I’m considering buying a second pair from this well suited collaboration.

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