Gazelle Core Black Review

Adidas Gazelle Core Black Review

When I was a kid I remember owning a number of different trainers / sneakers; Reebok pumps, Reebok classics, LA Gear and of course a few from Adidas. The first two pairs I owned were a maroon pair of Campas and a dark blue pair of Gazelle’s which were pretty much the only shoes I wore for 2 years. Fast forward to 2016/17 and the time of the boost (ultra or Yeezy) is upon us, amongst others. There is however, a resurgence of the more classic, affordable and durable sneakers, namely the Adidas Originals Gazelle.

The Gazelle’s have always been there, they are a classic but I would be lying if I said that my recent purchase wasn’t somewhat influenced by Kanye West deciding to style a pair in December. More than anything I had simply forgotten about them, their simplicity and ability to match to most outfits and a very reasonable price.

I bought my pair from Office and they cost £74.99, which are like I said, well priced. The weight of the shoe is still relatively light (not as light as an ultra boost) and the inside is firm but comfortable. I’ve owned them for a month now and I can honestly say they are now one of my easy wear, nip out, collect a paper, do the food shopping – these are the ones I find myself reaching for.

The styling is classic and the gold Gazelle logo memorable, easy to finish off any casual outfit.


Adidas Gazelle Core Black Review
  • 85%
    Comfort - 85%
  • 98%
    Price - 98%
  • 87%
    Look - 87%

Adidas Gazelle Core Black Review

A well priced classic that everyone should own

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