EQT Support 93/17 Boost

EQT Support 93/17 Review

There are lots of new season sneakers starting to hit the shelves and one of the most popular is Adidas’s EQT range. You might remember last year I reviewed my first pair, the EQT Support ADV and while I liked the shoe I felt that it was missing the comfort and style of the Ultra Boost’s. Well in the latest releases my concerns have been answered with the boost technology being added to the previous styling and shape.

The pair I went for were the EQT Support 93/17 which were one of the first to get sold out and seemed to be the most popular. They have a great balance of style and comfort which give the Ultra Boost range a run for their money. The boost itself is thicker and bulkier looking than other ranges and features a much fatter “behind” too which looks great.Inside the shoe its much snugger too, with additional padding around the heel and tongue and a nice knit upper.

Besides the shape what really sets this shoe apart are the colours. The pink, black and white is such a slick combination and really stands out from other styles, not to mention its appeal to both sexes. I went for a size 9.5 which is a half size bigger than my last pair and this is just right for me, anyone looking for something a little different and bold in style this is your shoe.

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EQT Support 93/17 Review
  • 93%
    Comfort - 93%
  • 92%
    Price - 92%
  • 92%
    Look - 92%

EQT Support 93/17 Review

Bulkier than the Ultra Boost but bolder and more daring too – your 2017 shoe collection needs an EQT to be complete

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