Ace 16+ Purecontrol UltraBoost

Ace 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost

There a certain elements, styles and colours which can often often be associated with brands, take red and green and Gucci for example. For me its white black and red with Adidas, the reason – when growing up the “Predator” football boots were always the most sought after in school and those had the same colour scheme.

The Ace 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost’s were highly limited in their release late last year and I wasn’t fortunate enough to find a pair, luckily with a recent restock changed that situation! I took a trip to Waterloo in London over the weekend and managed to get some great shots of them. The PureControl Ultra Boost’s are as you would expect very comfortable to wear (that’s a given) and as they have no laces they are very easy to put on. The sock style sneaker is not something I’ve had before or if I’m truthful genuinely liked that much. However this colourway is something special and really stands out on any outfit (they got quite a few looks by passers by too). They weren’t cheap, costing over £300, far more than the original retail price which was around £150 – since last year there have been new colourways with “17+” in the names and these also look good. Overall this is an unusual looking sneaker with bold and iconic details and colours, if you can find a pair snap them up – these will be worth far more in the future.

Ace 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost Review
  • 92%
    Comfort - 92%
  • 85%
    Price - 85%
  • 89%
    Look - 89%

Ace 16+ PureControl Ultra Boost Review Summary

Iconic colourway on a bold design by Adidas, one for the real sneaker collectors

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