Nike Roshe One Breeze Review

Nike Roshe One Breeze Review

Ever since Kanye West performed his new tour, including Glastonbury 2015, the fashion loving public have been going mad for the new Adidas Ultra Boost triple white. Maybe it’s because of the well timed release of Kanye’s 350 boost collaboration with Adidas that is making anything he wears right now very hot property and usually hard to find. I looked high and low for a size 9 triple whites but the only place I could find any was on eBay and that would cost me around £300. While I might pay something like that for a Yeezy pair of trainers that’s just ludicrous pricing for a standard pair of white trainers.

I decided to look for an alternative; at first browsed the other similar Adidas trainers but none had the simplicity of the Ultra Boosts which was what I was after. I discovered a relatively new range from Nike, called Roche One Breeze, particularly the bright white version. The features on the trainer are very similar to Adidas’s offering, it has a woven mesh upper which is very lightweight and bright white foam sole.

These were not that easy to find either, eventually I bought them from a website called Size in the UK at a cost of £70 and they arrived very quickly – I have to say that I love them! The main purpose was for me to own a pair of trainers which were not hi-tops so that when I went on holiday to Ibiza they would offer a nice lighter footwear option. To wear it really feels just like a sock outside, extremely well ventilated which keeps your feet nice and cool, I did have to wear plasters on my heels for the first 5-6 times when wearing them as they did rub a bit on my heel, strange for a running shoe. Overall these are a great alternative to the Adidas Ultra Boosts and would recommend to anyone.

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Nike Roshe One Breeze

Nike Roshe One Breeze Review
  • 88%
    Comfort - 88%
  • 95%
    Price - 95%
  • 92%
    Look - 92%


Lightweight, stylish and much cheaper than the Adidas Ultra Boost

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