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My first post on underwear on Kingsdown Roots and it’s a type of clothing which I don’t buy very often but is still an important piece to consider. Long gone are the days of buy boxer shorts in packs of 10 from the local department store, designer underwear is big business right now. At the front has always been Calvin Klein, it’s the first brand I think of when discussing underwear and there’s a reason for that. Not only is the quality always there but they always have very memorable marketing campaigns (Justin Bieber the latest addition).

I looked through Mainline Menswear at their selection and found three great new looks to try:

  1. The Calvin Klein “Power Red Boxer Shorts” – these look great with a large red waistband band around the top with a larger logo being featured, 94% cotton so keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter – £25.00
  2. The Calvin Klein “Magnetic Force Boxer Shorts” – besides a really badass name these look fantastic with a two tone waistband featuring a more traditional CK logo. These are ultra soft and fit more tightly around the body, 95% cotton – £23.00
  3. The Calvin Klein “Boxer Shorts Black” – a similar look to the ones you get in packs of 3 but features a nice blue colour that also contours around the stitching, 95% cotton – £18.00

Calvin Klein Underwear 2

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Calvin Klein Underwear


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