Best Headphones for 2014

Headphones were objects of ridicule during the 90’s with their plastic and foam cheap appearance blurting out tinny sounds from Walkman’s. How times have changed since the rise of the suddenly stylish Beats by Dr Dre in 2008 followed quickly in succession by every other electronics supplier on the market. Now with so much choice for the average buyer it’s easy to get lost in clever marketing campaigns and end up with a product which is not stylish or good quality.

I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of this great infographic, produced by Farfetch with a run down of which headphones meet your fashion or tech needs – I’ve posted links at the bottom for the top 3 choices overall.

headphones-tech-or-fashion (2)

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The top 3 you can buy here:

  1. Sony MDR v55 reversible cup dj
  2. Urbanears Plattan Plus
  3. Boom Swap Headphones

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Matt Ridout
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