Balenciaga Track Review

Balenciaga Track Orange and White Review

When the Balenciaga Triple S came out a few years ago it would mark the start of the dad / ugly sneaker trend. Fast forward to 2019 and the sneaker trend has accelerated faster than anyone could have imagined, while some say the pace and popularity is starting to die down there are still some amazing sneakers out there.

The Balenciaga Track is the follow up to the Triple S and while it’s not reached the popularity of its predecessor it’s still something quite special. They are still an oversized sneaker; much larger than anything I’ve owned in the past but they’re not overly heavy, which you might expect. The look of the upper is mental. I say mental because I’ve seen nothing like it. It’s almost like 2 shoes positioned over each other, the soft sneaker covered by a hard shell, even featuring 2 pairs of laces!

There are lots of colourways available right now but I think the white and orange is one of the best, which is what I went for. I was expecting these to be a little heavy and uncomfortable but to my surprise these are actually one of the most comfy I own, lots of padding to keep your foot snug. The sizing is true to fit too so no need to worry about that.

Overall an incredible sneaker, although not the cheapest on the market (between £550-£600, I bought mine at Farfetch) they are still worth investing in. I’ll be looking to buy my second pair soon.

Balenciaga Track Review
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