Krate & Co - Shoe Boxes

Krate and Co Shoe Boxes

It may sound odd but buying shoe boxes for your sneaker collection is now a thing. I don’t mean the free cardboard boxes you get when you buy a new pair but the type that keep your kicks clean, dust free and look great.

Until fairly recently these must-haves for hypebeasts or sneaker collectors had been hard to come by, especially in the UK. In comes Krate & Co.

A single box will set you back £20.99 while if you buy in bulk, like I did, and go for a pack of 4 the price works out at about £19 each – not the cheapest purchase in the world. They arrived multi boxed and and with protective covers over each of them, plus foam covers on the corners so there were no scratches on any.

The quality of the boxes are what you would expect for the price, they feel heavy duty and durable, a purchase that will last a long time. The size of the boxes are standard and will be fine for most large sized sneakers but you can also buy a slightly bigger box for your hi-tops if needed. Since my original order I also bought another 8 boxes, keeping 12 of my favourite shoes dust free and on display.

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