Diesel Duffle Travel Bag

Diesel Travel Bag Review

I don’t usually buy bags, and during my twenties I would have bought the cheapest one available without a second thought. I’m not sure what it is… living my thirties out, a while working for a fashion company, travelling more… but I’ve started to appreciate bags not just as a practical item but something that looks great as an accessory.

I seem to be reviewing a lot of Diesel recently (see my hi-tops and jean reviews), the next one in line is officially called “Trip With the Brave Travel Bag“. It’s made from 35% buffalo, 35 % nylon and 5% cow leather (straps and detailing). The bag itself is quite sizable at just over half a meter long and 26cm high. It’s meant for those short business trips or weekends away and is ideal for both; there’s loads of room inside and you could easily fit a week’s worth of clothes inside.

Visually it looks stunning, a combination of nylon criss-cross textures, leather straps and metal buttons, zips and badges. The bag is lightweight and holds its shape extremely well too. Just to be fully transparent,  this great looking Diesel Travel Bag was given to me for a Birthday present and I absolutely love it.

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 1

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 2

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 3

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 4

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 5

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 6

Diesel Duffle Travel Bag 7

Diesel Travel Bag Video from my YouTube Channel

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