Undercover Yellow T-Shirt

I’m writing this coming out of a 3 day virus which kept me indoors during 26 degree sunshine so apologies if some of this post doesn’t read well. I started shopping a few pieces from the various sales online and did a bit of a shoot last week in Shoreditch London wearing this yellow Undercover back logo tshirt. So firstly, who are Undercover?

“Founded by Jun Takahashi, UNDERCOVER is a Japanese fashion imprint known for its punk-fused, American-influenced streetwear styles.”

The style suits me perfectly with a simply design on the front and back and the bold yellow colour which is just perfect for this summer. The T-shirt is made using 100% high quality thick cotton and the prints on both side look sharp and clean (hopefully they wont fade). I went for a JP size 4 which is a large but I would say the sizing is -1 down so go at least 1 up. The T-shirt looks great with simple black jeans and during the shoot I was wearing Yeezy 500’s – you can shop the T-shirt at the end of the post, would love to her what you think.

Undercover Yellow T-shirt

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