Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Moonrock’ Review

A few weeks ago I managed to get my hands on the latest Yeezy Boost ‘Moonrock’ coloured version. Although I spent most of my time trying to order from the main retailers I wasn’t able to secure a pair at the RRP, so I had to turn to eBay. A word of caution, please read my how to spot a fake pair of Yeezy Boosts guide before deciding to buy any from eBay, there are simply so many fakes around (although yet to see any in this colour).

First impressions are positive, out of the box they look very nice, mixing different shades of grey and neutral colour tones to give a “moonrock” appearance. Besides the colour differences there are no noticeable changes from the prevous Pirate Black version. I did notice that the stitching on the front is much more noticeable because of lightness of material which does give it a slightly different shape (looking down).

While these are technically the same just in a different colour I do feel they miss the mark slightly, because of the “moonrock” colour they are actually incredibly hard to match to an outfit. You need to wear a very light shade of blue or just black to make them match trousers or jeans.

yeezy boost moonrock 7

yeezy boost moonrock 6

yeezy boost moonrock 1

yeezy boost moonrock

yeezy boost moonrock 5

yeezy boost moonrock 3

yeezy boost moonrock 4

Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock Review
  • 95%
    Comfort - 95%
  • 90%
    Price - 90%
  • 85%
    Look - 85%


Still very comfortable and well made but the colour makes them hard to match to an outfit.

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