Adidas show your stripes Ultraboost

Adidas Show Your Stripes Ultra Boost Review

The adidas Ultraboost has been my sneaker game “bread and butter” for the last 3 years, ever since Kanye wore the Ultraboost triple whites I’ve been obsessed. Saying that, I’ve not bought any in the last 12 months as the small colourway variations and styles haven’t really appealed to me.

Now the Ultraboost is back with the “Show your Stripes” range. So what’s the difference? Well, the upper knit is better looking than the V3’s for sure, the pattern looks more luxurious. Secondly and more importantly they’ve added colour to the plastic strips on the sides; this is something I’ve been wanting to see for ages and it looks awesome! The initial 2 colourways include the Cloud White (which is what I have) and the Core Black.

The fit is as to be expected, always go half a size up on what you normally have but as comfortable as ever. At £149 they’re not cheap but they are definitely worth the investment as you’ll use them as everyday wear.

Adidas Show Your Stripes Ultra Boost Review
  • 92%
    Comfort - 92%
  • 88%
    Price - 88%
  • 89%
    Look - 89%

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Ultraboost back in the game with the Show Your Stripes range

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