adidas x daniel arsham review

Adidas X Daniel Arsham New York Review

The collaborations at adidas continue to come thick and fast in 2017, one of the latest is with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham. So who exactly is Daniel Arsham? Extract taken from the adidas website below will help you understand more about the collaboration:

Daniel Arsham is a contemporary artist born in 1980, based in New York. Informed by Arsham’s fascination with concepts of archaeology, adidas Originals by Daniel Arsham is a process of reflection, rediscovering adidas as an enduring cultural symbol. With his unique lens, Arsham has unearthed a way of seeming the familiar objects of today as future artifacts – taking the past, and making it present.

What first caught my attention to these shoes was a photo from the promotional material showing a hidden message on the sole which you can only see under black light. Besides that the styling is clearly adidas but with all the frills and details stripped away, on purpose of course. The edges of the upper material looks unfinished, almost like a concept sneaker that’s been let out into the wild.

I was surprised when I easily copped a pair from adidas as I was expecting them to be fairly limited but this doesn’t seem to be the case; bad news for re-sellers and very good new for sneaker enthusiasts like me! Considering these don’t feature any boost material on the sole these are extremely comfortable to wear, the sizing is more a less true to fit (slightly over) and at £149 they are decently priced, go get a pair while you still can.

Shop Adidas X Daniel Arsham New York below:

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