Nike Air Max 90 x Off-White

Nike Air Max 90 x Off-White Review

Last week I attended the Off-White x Nike workshop in celebration of their collaboration. At the end of the day those who attended were allowed to buy #TheTen the pre-release collection. I was hoping to get access to the Presto’s (they look so nice in person) but unfortunately they had sold out, so I decided to buy the Nike Air Max 90’s x Off-White.

Now those who read my blog regularly will know that I’ve always preferred adidas over Nike and in my life I’ve only ever owned 1 pair of Air Max 90’s – so this was a big gamble. When I got the sneakers home I unboxed them and immediately fell for them; they are so unique and different and really put this collaboration in the history books.

At a distance they just look like a different colourway with the recognisable red off-white tag but on closer inspection the detail is far more impressive. They have literally been deconstructed; the stitching looks too big, the Nike swoosh appears to be temporary, the mix of upper materials looks randomly sown together and the tongue seems to be missing a cover. This idea shouldn’t work but it absolutely does, it’s just so impressive.

The comfort is there but again it doesn’t have the same internal padding you see with Air Max 90’s so you can tell it’s different, which I’m unsure is intentional. I bought them at retail for £120 but these sell for £600 on eBay from resellers, I would encourage everyone to try and get a slice of this collaboration pie if given the opportunity – the Off-White x Nike collaboration hits the shelves in November.

Nike Air Max 90 x Off-White Review
  • 90%
    Comfort - 90%
  • 91%
    Price - 91%
  • 94%
    Look - 94%

Nike Air Max 90 x Off-White Review Summary

Try and get a pair if you can or any part of this collection when it launches, it’s really like nothing else I’ve seen before.

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